The Montessori Toddler

by Storyoga Shop


An inspiring, beautifully-designed guide for parents of toddlers looking to bring the principles of Montessori education—curiosity, independence, respect—into their daily lives.

This book was chosen to be part of our 'For Mamas' and 'For Teachers' collection as it reflects our image of children being competent capable human beings who take great interest and pride in making meaning of the world around them. We love much of the Montessori philosophy particularly the Practical Life component as well as the way Montessori environments and spaces are designed. This book is a beautiful resource for both parents and teachers and a wonderful access point to begin introducing Montessori principles into your classroom and/or home. A few areas this book touches on that embody the Storyoga way of being include: rituals, daily care, cultivating cooperation, and raising a curious child who feels seen and heard.