Strong Nations Yoga Cards

by Storyoga Shop


This pocket size user friendly yoga deck is one of Storyoga’s top pics! Authored by Kathy Beliveau, local yogi and friend, this deck is used avidly in the classroom and at home.

These cards include simplified text, making them suitable for individual yoga practice and children of all ages. Handy, user-friendly and fun, each Strong Nations Yoga Card presents a physical practice and a reflective practice. The endless combinations and versatility of these cards make them ideal for all levels and any age.

“The Strong Nations Yoga Cards connect the ancient practise of yoga with Indigenous culture. These cards celebrate connection as they invite all of us to honour our connection to each other, to our animals friends, to nature and spite and to this amazing planet we all share.” Kathy Beliveau We at Storyoga love to pair this deck with the book My First Root Children incorporating childs pose, bumble bee breathing, butterfly, and starfish or savasana pose.