My First Root Children

by Storyoga Shop


This sweet board book has been chosen for our “littles” collection because of its connection to the seasons and to Mother Earth. Another tried and true book in the classroom and at home, this Waldorf inspired story lends itself well to a number of yoga poses. Beginning with childs pose moving to bumble bee breathing followed by a sun salutation, closing with butterfly pose and Savasana, this book also pairs well with the Strong Nations Yoga Deck.

All through winter the root children sleep underground. When spring comes Mother Nature wakes them up, and they get ready to go outside into the sunshine with the beetles, bees and ladybirds. They play in the forest with the butterflies. In summer they dance in the meadow and by the stream. When Fall comes and the cold wind starts to blow, Mother Earth calls them back underground to go to sleep for the winter.

The classic, seasonal Story of the Root Children is presented for the first time as a board book for very young children. While the overall story remains the same, the language has been simplified. All of the beautiful original illustrations are included, with some sympathetically adapted to fit the new format.