Mindful Kids: Gratitude Journal

by Storyoga Shop


This sweet and charming journal was made for little hands and is the perfect way to start a gratitude practice in the classroom and/or at home. Featured in our Goddess Girls Summer Camp, this journal is ideal for children school age and up. 

Enjoy the nightly ritual of building a gratitude practice with your little one! Try them out, improvise, make them your own. Made by Little Renegades, this journal makes for a wonderful compliment to our Mindful Kids Bedtime deck. 

Building a journaling practice at an early age can offer a profoundly therapeutic canvas for children. By pairing stillness and space with routine and regularity, journaling enables a processing modality for kids that can unlock awareness, creativity, and empathy to their inner and outer worlds.

This hardcover journal measures approximately 5" wide by 8' high. Enjoy 128 pages of gratitude together. All pages are printed responsibly on recycled pages.