I Am Happy: A Gentle Introduction to Emotions and Colors

by Storyoga Shop


This sweet and charming board book has been chosen to be part of our For Littles Collection for its connection to yoga and mind-body awareness. It is an extremely accessible introduction to the chakras connecting ones energy to affirmations and emotions. Each page prompts a question that offers and wonderful way to engage in meaningful conversation. ie. “Om Child feels safe and secure. What makes you feel safe? Om Child feels powerful and strong. What makes you feel powerful and strong?” 

I Am Happy: A Gentle Introduction to Emotions and Colors explores chakras—the body’s energies—from the root chakra at the base of our spines to the crown chakra at the top of our heads. Join Om Child on a breath-filled journey towards physical and spiritual health.

I Am Happy features an inclusive cast of toddler characters and animals and introduces to the body, colors, emotions, and animals.

About Om Child: This calm and colorful series features kids from all backgrounds enjoying yoga and teaches readers about mindfulness and philosophy, which is often overlooked in favor of teaching poses. 

This book is currently a favourite bedtime read alongside the complimentary book, I AM KIND and would make a wonderful addition to any home or classroom setting