I Am a Force of Nature

by Storyoga Shop


This beautiful board book encourages kids ages 1-3 to be curious about the world around them and to recognize the same brave, playful, colorful, and strong qualities found in animals and nature within themselves. Discovering these qualities can pique their curiosity about the world around them while giving them a sense of richness and confidence about who they are. Beginning with the shining sun, each page intentionally shifts the energy to bring the child to a state of rest and ease at the end of the book, ready for sleep. 

I am as BRAVE as a butterfly spreading its wings.

I am as SAFE and SNUGGLY as a burrowing bunny. 

I am STRONG and STILL like a snow-peaked mountain. 

I am as QUIET as the stars in the nighttime sky. 

I am as SLEEPY as a bear in the soft, soft snow.