Gratitude Cards for Kids

by Storyoga Shop

Introduce your children to the power of a grateful heart, in a simple, fun, and meaningful way with this perfectly sized deck that lends itself to little hands.


Flip a card. Focus on the chosen 'gratitude' for the moment, or for the day. Feel all of the feels, and expand your grateful hearts!

Research shows that gratitude - being grateful for the big things in life, and the simple joys - improves happiness, health, resiliency, relationships, and our connectedness with ourselves, with each other, and with the greater world around us.

What's In The Box?

  • Includes 30 cards to foster a gratitude attitude within your littles (and YOU!)
  • + 5 bonus cards to support you (the parent!) on your new gratitude journey
  • This product is luscious, soft, beautiful, cleanable & durable. Every element was crafted with loving intention with you and your littles in mind.

What we love about this deck at Storyoga is the charming drawings paired with each conversation prompt. These cards can be used at the dinner table, in the classroom, at circle time, and/or as a daily or weekly ritual with each card presenting as a focus or theme. The Gratitude Deck is one of three in a new mini collection series including The Connection Deck and Mindfulness Deck which we love and adore equally.