Baby Basket Natural 5

by Storyoga Shop


Encouraging community, celebrating beauty. All-natural, fair trade, traditionally handcrafted in Ghana.

These beautiful Baraka Bolga Baskets are hand-made by community-based women’s groups in northern Ghana. Using age-old traditional weaving methods and supported by modern training, quality control and microcredit facilities, the women gather together in groups to make baskets to earn extra income to support their children and families.

In small communities, far away from the fashions and retail outlets that so many of us take for granted, people have learned over hundreds of years to be resourceful and creative. And you would be hardpushed to find a more striking and valued example than the Bolga Basket. Designed to work hard and still look beautiful, these baskets are like all the very best inventions - simple yet incredibly effective, both as convenience tools and objects to admire in their own right.

These baskets are a Storyoga trademark and are the perfect size for little hands. They are used in our dramatic play area, for classroom organization, and for gathering herbs and flowers from the garden. They are beautiful, functional, and are made to last.

Product dimensions are approximately 8.5" L x 9" H